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Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics

"I think it is important that MCRGO members are informed about how we are being treated."
- David K. Felbeck, President of MCRGO - October 24, 2003

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2003 BoD Campaign Violations

ARTICLE 8, SECTION 13 of the MCRGO bylaws state:

The members of the Election Committee, the members of the Board of Directors, any committee, Board or group within the Corporation, officers and employees of the Corporation are prohibited from endorsing any candidate or group of candidates for any office or seat on the Board of Directors.

Chairman Felbeck, Campaigning for Candidates, despite the bylaws.

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Chairman Felbeck, violating the bylaws by passing out campaign literature.


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Chairman Felbeck, violating the bylaws, and being asked to stop by Wayne County Chairman, John Pasharikovski.


Felbeck's Proven Leadership flyers:

Chairman and President David K. Felbeck admitted involvement with the creation of these flyers. Did MCRGO pay the bill?

A&E Printers and Mailers quoted price:
Brochures -2color/2color fold to 3.5x8.5 (8.5x14)
60# white offset
Qty: 1,000 =$376.61, 3,000 =$470.29, 5,000 =$562.11

Candidate Applications were due at A&E Printers and Mailers on May 30, 2003.
These flyers made their debut on or before July 12, 2003.

How were the colorized photo's obtained for the flyers? The photos were sent with candidate applications to A&E Printers and Mailers and they had sole possession.

The address on the flyers:

MCRGO Members for
Proven Leadership
P.O. Box 15254
Lansing, MI 48901

The identity of the individual/Printer who owns this PO box is known.

"On Friday July 12, 2003, Saturday July 13, 2003, and Friday July 18, 2003 Dr. Felbeck was observed as well as photographed on July 13 passing out these flyers to individuals as well as placing them in empty chairs before the commencement of the candidate forums. Many MCRGO members have stated that they are willing to make available affidavits testifying to these violations."
- Ken Cooper, July 20, 2003

"It has been well documented that Dr. Felbeck passed out bio's, some omitted, of candidates, MCRGO members for proven leadership."
- Rollie Brengle, MCRGO Director, July 26, 2003

"The President of the BoD then passed out brochures endorsing the "Proven Leadership" candidates."
- Pam Benzing, MCRGO Affiliate Relations Manager, July 26, 2003

"Yes, I believe that David Felbeck's handing out of flyers for a given slate of candidates constitutes endorsement, and is a by-laws violation."
- Jim Simmons, MCRGO Volunteer Lawyer, July 27, 2003

To date, no punitive action has ever been taken against David Felbeck.

Candidates and the new Board of Directors, 2003

2003 Board of Director Candidates 2003 Elected Board of Directors
Dale Shantz*#+
David Aviles*#
Glen Griffith*#
Jim Kliemann*#
Rollie Brengle*#
Sen. Alan Cropsey*#
Rep. Sue Tabor*#
Douglas Buckler#
Neva Li#
Richard J. LeBeau#
Terry Alderton#
Barbara Stockford+
Gary Bengtson+
Ian Kinder+
Ken Cooper+
Richard Dillard+
Tony Hogrefe+
David LaBeau
David Stark
James Moore
John Muller
Thomas Stockwell
Terry Alderton
Dale Shantz
David Aviles
Jim Kliemann
Neva Li
Sen. Alan Cropsey
Rep. Sue Tabor
Barbara Stockford
Gary Bengtson
Richard Dillard
Ian Kinder
* = Incumbent
# = "Proven Leadership" David Felbeck slate
+ = "Bring MCRGO Back to the Membership" James Vass slate

Note: David K. Felbeck and Brian Pieske chose not to run for election.

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