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Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics

"I think it is important that MCRGO members are informed about how we are being treated."
- David K. Felbeck, President of MCRGO - October 24, 2003

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Perricone is Point of Contact

If someone were to do a Whois search for they would find the following information:

PO BOX 14014
LANSING, MI 48901-4014

Domain Name: MCRGO.ORG

Administrative Contact:
Perricone, Chuck (SCPVGPTPEI)
PO Box 14014
Lansing, MI 48901
Technical Contact:
Uzzanti, Tim (TU66)
Crystaltech Web Hosting Inc.
6135 N 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
602-263-0300 fax: 602-263-0600

Record expires on 16-Dec-2007.
Record created on 16-Dec-1998.

Domain servers in listed order:


Notice above that the "MCRGO" domain resides on "Interland" servers (where the website is hosted) yet the Technical Contact lists someone at "Crystaltech." Crystaltech is a direct competitor of Interland!

Think of it this way...

Your new Chevy SUV has a problem, so you take it to your nearest Ford Dealer.

Makes sense right?

At the same time that Chuck Perricone, admittedly a "technologically challenged" individual makes himself, rather than the Webmaster, the point of contact, he fails to ensure the most basic parameters of computer security are met, yet excels at strengthening his grip on the control of communication within MCRGO.

Back to our analogy here...

So, now that you have taken your Chevy SUV to the nearest Ford Dealer for service work, your "point of contact" is understandably the Sales Manager, named Perricone?

How about a little History? 

The MCRGO website was updated by a talented programmer (Webmaster) named Stephen Wire after being kicked off of AOL due to "unacceptable" (pro-firearm) content. Stephen designed and implemented an even newer full featured MCRGO website back in late 1999. Stephen did all this for free as a volunteer. The site was worth thousands of dollars, in unpaid donated time. Stephen added many improvements to the site. The site grew right along with MCRGO, and many people going back to MCRGO's creation attribute a lot of the organizations growth to its website appeal. Stephen was an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment and MCRGO. He committed his talents, and his time in creating an exciting and efficient medium of information exchange for the benefit of MCRGO; it's members, and potential future members.

Enter James Vass...

James Vass, a very creative and competent Website Content Manager volunteered his time and talents as the website was updated regularly and kept current with the latest MCRGO news and information. The website was a big hit with the members and a great place for the public to learn about MCRGO.

Stephen Wire moves on...

Stephen moved out of state and in mid-year 2002, the Webmaster ("point of contact") changed to Steve DeFrain the Operations Manager for MCRGO. Mr. DeFrain arranged for some of the programming to be done by A&E Printers and Mailers. A&E had a programmer at the time named Joey Sheets. Since A&E already had a business relationship with MCRGO, they were eager to extend their relationship into new areas of mutual interest. Mr. Sheets assumed responsibilities for the larger programming issues while Mr. DeFrain continued on with routine maintenance and administrative duties. At the time, A&E had quoted MCRGO a favorable billing rate for programming since they already did the printing of MCRGO's newsletter and other printed materials.

An ideal situation featuring two individuals (Steve and Joey) both skilled in their respective areas, working together for the benefit of MCRGO, and Second Amendment rights.

Enter Jim Kleiman...

At about the same time that Mr. DeFrain and Mr. Sheets were working together on the MCRGO Website, a person named Jim Kleiman volunteered to start work on a new look for the MCRGO website. This is also the same time that Chuck Perricone became Executive Director of MCRGO.

Chuck Perricone's power grab...

With Perricone's entry, new procedures were slowly and methodically put in place. Some of those new procedures required that all new information posted to the website was to be approved by David Felbeck (then Chairman of the Board and President of MCRGO) and Chuck Perricone before being posted. No changes could be made to the website without Chucks approval. The result was that further improvements to the site were significantly slowed by the added interference of an additional person who was admittedly "technologically challenged" but determined to control every facet of communication within MCRGO regardless.

Jim Kleiman becomes Webmaster...

After Steve DeFrain's "termination" in April 2003 Jim Kleiman took over full control as the Webmaster, calling A&E's Joey Sheets for all changes to the site.

Where does the website go from here?

What began, as a valuable tool for communication and an impressive asset in the growth of MCRGO has now become a censored, and strictly controlled medium under the death grip of Chuck Perricone.

Where will this domain go from here?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain. Chuck Perricone is now listed as the "point of contact" for the MCRGO website, not the current "Webmaster" Jim Kleiman.

And if you think taking your Chevy SUV to the nearest Ford dealer makes no sense at all, then how much sense does it make for a former Politician that's "technologically challenged" to be in charge of your website?

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