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Who we are:

This site was created at the request for more information from over 50 MCRGO members and gun rights advocates who saw problems occurring within MCRGO but received no information and no cooperation from the Board of Directors.

The information on this site is not internal information being aired publicly in an attempt to tear down MCRGO.  All the information appearing on this site has appeared publicly either on the MCRGO website, message boards, or email lists.  This site connects all the pieces of information and shows a history of recurring problems that have plagued MCRGO in the last six months.

The purpose of this site is to bring around change and stop the series of failures listed on this site from continuing.  MCRGO was known as a trustworthy bi-partisan organization dedicated to gun rights.  That reputation cannot be maintained when hard-line Republicans control all of the actions of the organization, endorse only Republican candidates, and stab in the back legislators who pushed key pieces of legislation through for MCRGO.

If you are a member of MCRGO, do not throw away your membership card and do not give up on the ideas that MCRGO was founded on.  Stay a member and make your voice heard.  MCRGO's core strength, it's members is strong, it's just the current leadership that has it heading in the wrong direction.  There is a list of demands listed on this site, go through them and push the Board of Directors to start complying with them.  If the Board of Directors fails to turn MCRGO and provide detailed and accurate information to it's members, use your voice and vote them out of office.