Executive Director of MCRGO Charles Perricone and his employee violates bylaws.

ARTICLE 8, SECTION 13 of the MCRGO bylaws state:

The members of the Election Committee, the members of the Board of Directors, any committee, Board or group within the Corporation, officers and employees of the Corporation are prohibited from endorsing any candidate or group of candidates for any office or seat on the Board of Directors.

"...I knew, as we all do, that David Felbeck distributed campaign literature that endorsed a certain group of candidates. ...I was sent that brochure via email in July of 2003 by employee, Dan Barch.

... Download it, [you must save the file to your hard drive and open it up from there] go to file, document properties and summary. Look at the save date, the author and the original name of the brochure.

I have called a Special Meeting of the Members set for February 28, 2004 at 1:00 PM. I have requested that the Chair find a venue for that meeting and notify the members by both a posting on the web site and by first class mail as required by law. I have published an agenda..." Neva Li, January 31, 2004 [ source]

"...I further questioned current and former Board members, along with some members of staff and other activists, in an email that was sent to some 16 people at once.

The response was that the flyer had been sent to several of them to be previewed by Chuck Perricone via email prior to its release
[July 12, 2003].

The Board is, and has been, aware of this fact since December 11, 2003."
Neva Li, February 1, 2004 [ source]