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Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics

"I think it is important that MCRGO members are informed about how we are being treated."
- David K. Felbeck, President of MCRGO - October 24, 2003

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Director Aviles Replies

Hello Dave,

You've been quiet. Do you have an opinion as to the integrity of our ED?

Jeanne L Kidle
MCRGO, Genesee County Chapter Chair
Second Amendment Sisters
NRA Life Member


To: Jeanne L Kidle <jeankidle[at]>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:39:53 -0500

Yes Jeanne I do.

Chuck has done his job as the past board instructed him to do. He is continuing to do his job at the direction of the majority of the board. I know Chuck P to be a man of high integrity and a brilliant strategist when it comes to putting a plan together to move legislation. Please remember he was speaker of the house and the NRA and MCRGO leadership worked out of his office to pass CCW Reform. Chuck also had to play some hard ball with the Senate to move the CCW bill during lame duck. Engler did not want the CCW Reform bill on his desk but had promised to sign it if got to his desk. Engler signed the bill 2 hours before it died the death of a Pocket Veto. Chuck has been a major player for every gun issue that has passed since he joined MCRGO as ED.

Do you remember the remarks that were said after MCRGO PAC endorsements came out for the 2002 election. Some called MCRGO the Michigan Coalition for Republican Gun Owners. MCRGO has not been allowed to have a table at the last 2 Democratic Convention, I tried desperately to get a table at the last one and talked to many people to get it done. In the end we were told that the Dem's were afraid of the controversy it may cause. What does that mean??? MCRGO is trying to build bridges in the Democratic party. We need to gain access to the Democrats to fulfill our mission statement. We would not have gotten CCW reform without our friends on the Dem side of the isle and without support of the Dem's we will not get the Mourning Dove past the senate. We are a non-partisan org and must do this.

The truth is that the board is not crazy, we are crazy like a FOX. One day you and I should do lunch. When members email the whole board in one message I normally let the Chairman speak for the board before I comment. When a member emails me only I try my best to give them a good answer. I wish to thank you for the work you do for MCRGO and working the table at gun shows. I have found it most rewarding and have learned allot.

David Aviles US Navy Ret.
Republican Precinct Delegate
NRA Life Member, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Training Counselor for Basic Pistol, Personal Protection, Home Firearm Safety and Basic Instructor Training
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, Board Member Master Mason

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