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Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics

"I think it is important that MCRGO members are informed about how we are being treated."
- David K. Felbeck, President of MCRGO - October 24, 2003

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at the Helm

... The BoD Adrift

Groundbreaking for the new Walter 'Ralph' Mabry Labor Center Union Hall in Warren on Monday June 3, 2002.

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Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights (MRCC)

(Left to Right) Tim Kelley (MRCC), Charlie Jackson (MRCC), Doug Buckler (MRCC), Joe Kanan (MRCC), Walter R. Mabry (MRCC), Mike Davis (MRCC), Tony Michaels (MRCC), Jim Blanchard (former governor), Al Ashby (MRCC), Bill Barnwell (Warren City Council member), Chuck Perricone (New Era Consulting), and an official from the Secretary of State's office.



Prior to the Board of Directors (BoD) meeting at Elk Rapids Sportsmen's club October 18, 2003 the 'CARE' team began discussing the "open" Board seats soon to be filled through appointment by the remaining members of the BoD. The usual speculation, and reasoning that supported each candidates potential were debated extensively.

As a point of reference, the July/August 2003 election issue of 'On Target' revealed several similarities between many "unknown" candidates. The reference to the word "unknown" was made, and will be used throughout this presentation to describe candidates not well known to the membership, or acknowledged activism referred to as a "Demonstrated commitment to MCRGO, and its Mission Statement."



In reviewing the "unknowns" of the Election Issue (July/August 2003), there were glaring similarities between some of the biographies, both in the writing style, and even some exact language usage. (See: "In Closing" near the bottom of many).

In the ad for the Millwrights and Carpenters, notice that there is a congratulatory message from this Union to a "Terry Alderton" for his "election" to the BoD from the "U.P."

Now think about that for a moment ... Ask yourself these two questions:
Why would a Millwrights and Carpenters Union advertise in a firearm rights magazine at all? Why would they be congratulating only one candidate, when eleven candidates were elected?



Name Joined
Doug Buckler Mar 21, 2003
David Stark Mar 25, 2003
James Moore Mar 25, 2003
Terry Alderton May 23, 2003

Important to note here, all applications for the Board of Directors must be received by May 30, 2003. (Reference: 'On Target' May/June 2003, page 1).



Remember that Millwright and Carpenter ad?
On the MRCC website you will find:

On page 2, Doug Buckler Director/Financial secretary, Millwrights local #1102.

On Page 5, James Moore Vice-President, Local #1004.

On Page 6, Chuck Perricone is named as MRCC lobbyist.

Let's go to their {Broken link} newsletter link (January/ February 2002) and see for ourselves. Be sure to come back here for more.

David Stark, one of these "unknowns" listed his address on his membership application as:
140 N. 64th Ave. Coopersville MI. This address was listed at the bottom of the 'Michigan Carpenters Apprenticeship Program' website, but has since been removed. David Stark is also listed (pages 3 and 8) as the Chairman of the Michigan Carpenter's Health care Fund, and the Secretary of the Michigan Carpenter's Pension Fund, and as Regional Director of MRCC.

Here is a close-up photo of Doug Buckler from the MRCC Photo Gallery.

We ask then, will Doug Buckler be appointed to fill the vacancy from the Southeast Region? ... he joined MCRGO "just in time", on March 21st, 2003.







The 2003 MCRGO Election Committee (EC) members include: Jim Simmons, Jeanne Kidle, Ed Mike, Brad Foster, Jessica Thayer, Dale Ernst, Gary Skimin, Brad Benzing, and Mike Jackson.

Who is Mike Jackson? He joined MCRGO on March 15, 2003. According to 'On Target,' January/February 2003 issue, page 2, third paragraph under 'Message from the President', David Felbeck states:

"When we have compiled all of the volunteer forms from the membership, for which the deadline was Feb. 15th, we will make many appointments to standing committees and will appoint the Election Committee, as mandated by the Bylaws."

According to 'On Target,' March/April 2003 issue, page 7, bottom, the first meeting of the Election committee was March 16, 2003. This means Mr. Jackson was a MCRGO member less than ONE DAY before the first EC meeting and missed the deadline for committee consideration by 30 days!

Chuck Perricone had been fed the election committee's ideas, suggestions, and votes. Perricone intervened with the EC proceedings many times, and even went so far as to dictate that Brad Foster would be the ONLY committee member to pick up the last of the candidate applications from A&E Printers. This sparked a climate of mistrust within the EC, but Brad Foster chose Perricone's intervention over his committee member's indignation. Many resignations resulted from both David Felbeck and Chuck Perricone's interference. As compensation of Brad Foster's perpetual loyalty to Perricone, and Felbeck he was appointed to the MCRGO Board of Directors on October 18, 2003 as a result of the vacancy created by the resignation of Ian Kinder.



  • Our MCRGO Executive Director Chuck Perricone is featured in a group photo with candidate Doug Buckler.

  • Millwrights and Carpenters congratulate Terry Alderton, but no one else. So, are they interested in Gun Rights, or Perricone's agenda?

  • Three of the four "unknown" candidates joined MCRGO in 2003, just before the candidate application deadline!

  • Who motivated these "unknown" candidates to join MCRGO?

  • Where do you think these "unknowns" came from?

  • Why did they join our organization?

  • Are you comfortable with this type of influence in MCRGO?

  • Why has all of this been hidden from the membership until now?

  • Why is Chuck Perricone doing this?

  • Why hasn't the "BoD" done anything about it?

  • Election Committee member Mike Jackson's membership became effective ONE DAY before the first meeting of the election Committee. Does this sound right? Understand that it means he wasn't even a member during the "selection" process.

  • How were these members appointed, and who appointed them?

  • Why was there constant interference by Chuck Perricone and David Felbeck with the Election Committee's proceedings?

  • How did Felbeck and Perricone know what was being communicated within the Election Committee?

We have documented what appears to be a gradual, well planned, calculated attempt over time by Chuck Perricone to intentionally place members and officers of the Carpenter's union into the MCRGO leadership, without the courtesy or ethical considerations of a prior disclosure to the membership. A member of the Election committee wasn't even a MCRGO member at the time of the deadline to apply (Feb 15th). Some "unknown" candidates became members just before the May 30th deadline! And, one of these may now be your next appointed Board of Director member.

We call that, "Unethical Tactics."

We suspect this attempt may go deeper. At the bottom of this commentary, we have provided a link to the FBI "Tip Line," and ask you to provide any legitimate information that you may have to this law enforcement agency. Additionally, copies of this article, and all of our documentation are being provided to responsible media for further investigation. We are encouraging the media, elected officials, appropriate law enforcement, and especially the membership of MCRGO to help end this deception, and restore MCRGO to the principles upon which it was founded, beginning with a sense of fairness, integrity, and ethics. It is also with a sense of fairness, that we ask everyone to remember that none of the "unknowns", including Mike Jackson have been found to have any criminal background whatsoever, not even a blemish. We focus on them only because they sought a larger role in MCRGO and were "unknown" previously. The members of the Millwrights and Carpenters union, solely by their memberships, are not villains by any means or the Union itself. For the most part, they are the very "spirit" of this country that gives us all the quality of life we hold so dear. They are just like any of us, trying to provide for their families and remaining responsible citizens.

Our focus here is on Mr. Perricone.

We fail to see how the membership of MCRGO is benefited with any concentration of power and influence, no matter what the origin. We only wish the Board of Directors had seen this before and acted promptly and responsibly to prevent it. Form your own opinions as a reasonable person might, based on the evidence presented. The numerous sources of these facts are presented to you where possible. From union documents and photographs, to media releases, and even government sources. This evidence is undeniable. In our opinion, there is overwhelming evidence that Chuck Perricone at a minimum is planning to strengthen his power base in MCRGO by the actions he has taken. At a maximum, this could be so much worse, that you are left to assemble those thoughts on your own. Even as the evidence is irrefutable to the staunchest skeptic, we must go further in expressing our concerns.

  • Was the recent election in MCRGO fair?

  • Were there any improprieties? If there were, was this election even legal?

  • Did your Board of Directors approve these improprieties?

  • Was your Board of Directors even aware of what was taking place? Worse yet, what if they were?

We call on you, the membership of MCRGO to make your voice heard, before it is slowly silenced in the tightening grip of communications control in what is now Chuck Perricone nearly exclusive domain.

This "New Direction" must be reversed.

As we continue to struggle to further our Second Amendment rights, we should not be so negligent that we sacrifice our First Amendment rights to a person who has put his own self-aggrandizement ahead of our cause. We believe it to be simply for personal political and economic gain. It is time that we set aside our petty differences and unite in the cause for which we came together, and repel this common threat that we face.

That threat we believe is Mr. Perricone.

We now call on Mr. Perricone to do perhaps the one last decent thing that our continued struggle for Second Amendment rights demands, resign now. Failing that, we demand that the Board of Directors recognize their solemn duty to remove him for the embarrassment that he now brings to MCRGO, and the shadow that he now casts upon our organization, and our cause. If there is truly any "New Direction," it begins with the removal of Chuck Perricone. Anything less isn't just a deception to the membership; it is a fraud to us all.



The Board of Directors are responsible for Chuck Perricone, including; David Felbeck, Brian Pieske, Todd Adkins, Rollie Brengle, Steve DeFrain, Glen Griffith, Pat Alzady, David Aviles*, Jim Kliemann*, Sen. Alan Cropsey*, Rep. Sue Tabor*, and Dale Shantz*.

*Reelected to the Board of Directors in 2003, these incumbents are responsible for the appointment of Chuck Perricone to Executive Director of MCRGO.

Please call your Board of Directors today, or use the convenient button below to send an e-mail and ask them why?

Name Phone
DALE SHANTZ 231-352-4916
DAVID AVILES 269-637-3827
TERRY ALDERTON 906-485-1689
GARY BENGTSON 734-327-0230
ALAN CROPSEY 517-373-3760
JIM KLIEMANN 269-849-2026
NEVA LI 248-545-1442
SUSAN TABOR 517-373-0853

FBI Tips and Public Leads

Update: Doug Buckler has been appointed to the Board of Directors.

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