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Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics

"I think it is important that MCRGO members are informed about how we are being treated."
- David K. Felbeck, President of MCRGO - October 24, 2003

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MCRGO Board of Director, MRCC Candidates 2003


Terry M. Alderton* - Upper Peninsula

I am an advocate of hunters rights. I have been hunting and fishing all my life. I am a firm believer that the right to bear arms is the right of all law abiding citizens. This includes concealed weapons with the proper permit. I believe that responsible gun owners should be represented by people who believe in their rights.

I have been married to my wife Marlene since 1969. We have four children and five grandchildren.

I graduated from National Mine High School, National Mine Michigan in 1966. I served in the United States Marine Corps from June 14, 1966 to June 13, 1969. I am a life member of the AMVETS.

The Upper Peninsula is a very pro gun area, and it is my hope that if elected, I would be able to represent the interests of the MCRGO in the U.P. I also feel that the Upper Peninsula is a good area to recruit new membership and would concentrate my efforts in that direction as a Board Member of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

Thank you for consideration of my application.


David F. Stark* - Southwestern Lower Peninsula

My name is David Stark. I was raised as an avid sportsman. Hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors have been a very important part of my entire life. I believe strongly in our 2nd amendment rights that one should be able to keep and bear arms, and be allowed to carry a concealed pistol if you are a law abiding citizen of this great country, especially during these trying times of terrorism attacks.

I graduated from Muskegon Catholic Central High School in 1971 and joined the United States Navy shortly thereafter. I spent two years of active duty, some of which was in the South China Sea during the Vietnam conflict and was honorably discharged.

I currently live in Fruitport, MI. I am married with 6 children and 3 grand children. As you can see, I have a vested interest in the future protection of the 2nd amendment for my family and the citizens of Michigan.

In closing, I strongly believe that the MCRGO is, and will continue to be, a very influential political group for the gun owners of Michigan now and for the future. I appreciate your consideration of my application to serve as a Board Member to represent you with the utmost respect for each and every member.


Douglas C. Buckler* - Southeastern Lower Peninsula

My name is Doug Buckler. First and foremost why I am running for the Board of Directors is that Im a proud American. I believe in the rights that our forefathers risked their lives over. One of which is the right to bear arms.

I not only believe in this right, I preach and live it every day. I am also an avid hunter which has taken me to countries such as Canada and Africa. During these hunting trips I have seen what government can do. Just look at Canada having no pistols or semi-automatic weapons. There are many other anti-gun movements and legislation in process as we speak. Lastly, I also believe in the right to protect our families and property from imminent danger.

I have been a hunter for 35 years and I am 47 years of age. I bought my first gun at age 14 from money which I earned by mowing lawns and shoveling snow. I still own that gun today. The experiences I have had in the field and at the gun range with my family and friends should not be taken away. It is up to us to fight for the youth of this growing country.

In closing I would like to represent the MCRGO and fight for the rights of all gun owners including recreational shooting, personal protection, and hunting.


James Moore* - At Large Seat

My name is Jim Moore. I have always been an avid hunter and sportsman, and truly believe in the right to bear arms and the right to hunt and fish. I feel strongly that in order to maintain or gain rights, it takes activism. Having a voice in government is essential, along with being involved with the next generation of future sports persons. I also believe that gun safety starts in the home. Having the experience of raising two daughters and teaching both to respect guns and the right to be able to hunt and fish was a valuable experience for us all.

I was very fortunate to have great parents who adopted me at the age of four. Both parents were a major influence on my desire to be an active sportsman and sport shooter. I grew up in a great era where a walk through a field or a walk in the woods could bring about many good memories.

After graduation, I chose to enter the military and served a three year enlistment with a one year tour of duty in Viet Nam. After the military, I came home and started working as a Carpenter.

I reside in the Laingsburg area, a small suburb north of Lansing. I am married to my wife of twenty-seven years and have two grown daughters. I am a graduate of Holt High School.

In closing, I feel that my experience with firearms and being a lifelong sportsman, that I would be a valuable Board Member of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

Thank you.


*  MCRGO 'On Target' Election Issue July/August 2003 

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