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Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics

"I think it is important that MCRGO members are informed about how we are being treated."
- David K. Felbeck, President of MCRGO - October 24, 2003

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Representative/Director Tabor Replies

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From: Susan Tabor [mailto:STABOR[at]]
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2003 11:33 AM
To: Debbie Schueller
Subject: letters to the editor

Dear supporter:

If you are planning to submit letters to the editor in support of the dove bill, please be sure and include your home address and a telephone number so you can be contacted to verify the authenticity of the letter. The State Journal also has a 150 word limit.

Thanks again for your support!

Rep. Tabor


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From: "James Vass" <jr-vass[at]>
Sent: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:31:26 -0500

Hmm. How to contact the media. Something that was common knowledge on MCRGO->References->Newspaper links, on the old website that I used to maintain and you sent Wire & me a "thank you note", because it was so "current". We also had every newspaper contact, not just the Lansing State Urinal.

My, how times have changed.

Tell us something new, Sue.

Where has all of MCRGO's money gone? You don't mention MCRGO at all in any of your recent press clippings. Are you not still a board member? Are you not proud of MCRGO?

Sue, what's the story?

I'll wait for a day or two, while you ask Chuck Perricone how to reply to an MCRGO member.

I'm not pleased, and your silence on the MCRGO issue speaks volumes.

James Vass
(Look it up)


-----Original Message-----
From: Susan Tabor [mailto:STABOR[at]]
Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 1:15 PM
To: jr-vass[at]
Subject: Re: FW: letters to the editor

Dear James:

Good to hear from you, even though your reply is a negative one and frankly, disrespectful.

I am still a member of MCRGO and I was re-elected to the board and Chuck Perricone is still our ED and I am still proud of the fact that we are moving forward. The recent Ferndale win shows me that we are on the right track. Perhaps you do not believe that is important work for MCRGO.

MCRGO has more important work to do. Very important work. Kent County needs to be dealt with among others. As I and others predicted long ago, the anti's are going after our gun rights one municipality at a time and causing us to spend money defending our rights. As long as we are busy defending ourselves, they can prevent us from doing more pro-active work, like the Hummell bill.

The anti-hunters operate much the same way. When we spend most of our time sniping with one another over internal matters and dredging up problems from the past which, by the way, have been resolved for the most part, it does not help us move forward. It divides us.

And the anti's love it when that happens because it weakens us.

Chuck Perricone has done nothing wrong in my opinion and, frankly, I am weary of all of the whining and complaining that has been going on about things that have already happened and cannot be changed by people who just don't like it and can't seem to get over it. It does nothing to further our real mission.

Chuck Perricone was my former Speaker, and I consider him a trusted friend. I know him well. He was our leader when we ran the CCW legislation. Dan DeGrow was difficult to deal with and Chuck saw it through. He hand-picked me to sponsor the gun/mfg. lawsuit prohibition bill - probably the most important legislation I ever sponsored. He has not done anything illegal or unethical and I will continue to stand by him as our ED. That does not mean that I don't disagree with him from time to time, but I prefer to discuss those disagreements with him one on one. Because I respect him. That's how I handle things. I don't wish to air out my grudges in front of others. That does not solve the problem, it re-creates it.

There are some people (and they are few) who wish to continue to discredit Mr. Perricone simply because they did not like something he did on behalf of MCRGO (as instructed by the majority of the board) or they just plain don't like him. That is fine. Again, that is their choice. But oh how I wish these people would move on, join a new group if they want to, do whatever they feel is necessary to get over it and get back to protecting our gun ownership and our hunting rights.

Right now I am trying to create a new hunting opportunity in MI by getting a mourning dove bill passed. My office has sent out a call for help. If you do not wish to help me, that is fine. That is your choice. If your hatred for Mr. Perricone stands in the way of doing something that will help me, that is sad. I plan to stay focused on matters of importance and refuse to spend any more time discussing problems that MCRGO has had in the past with people who seem to want to continue to spend their energy and time bringing it up.

A famous quote which I ask myself quite often:

"There are builders and there are wreckers -- which one are you?"

Today I want to be a builder.


State Rep. Sue Tabor


----- Original Message -----
From: "James Vass" <jr-vass[at]>
Sent: Mon, 25 Nov 2003

Dear Rep. Sue Tabor,

Thank you for your McGro form letter.

I expected better from you. Especially when you personally thanked Mr. Wire and myself.

You still didn't answer why your press clippings don't mention McGro.

Are you afraid of your past associations?

By the way, I'll express myself any which way I please to my elected officials. Either MCRGO or the State House. Never, Ever, chastise me for expressing my First Amendment rights, while I am defending our Second Amendment rights.

You are treading on thin ice with me, missy.

But I consider myself a builder WRT [With Regards To] the dove bill. I'll contact My Rep. Miss Amos and my Senate shithead when they decide to take it up next year. In the meantime I'll "lay low". Because publicity will just rile the anti's in the meantime, IMO.

James Vass
(look it up)

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