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Demands of the Board of Directors

A return to a non-partisan status.
No MCRGO Board member or employee or consultant should be an office holder, activist or delegate in either political party. This is a gun-rights group, not an arm of the Republican or Democratic parties.

Immediate and complete audit of MCRGO's finances, including a listing of  expenditures on all things related to Chuck Perricone, and full disclosure to the membership. Quarterly financial reports made available to any member and these should include a listing of all income and expenditures, including those made in conjunction with Chuck Perricone's firm. The members deserve to know exactly where their dues and donations are going.

A complete list full and part time staff at MCRGO
The list will contain everyone who does paid full, part time or contract work for MCRGO, including the date they were hired, their job title, job description and how much they are being paid.  The membership should know who is working for them and what they are costing MCRGO.

Open and Fair Elections for the next set of Board Directors monitored by an independent third party
The current bylaws call for an election committee which is appointed by the Board of Directors.  This election committee will decide who will be on the ballot for the Board of Directors election.  With possible election tampering in the 2000 election, having the election run by appointees of the Board is not an acceptable option.  An independent third party needs to be brought in to watch the election committee and to control the ballots.

All Board members candidates must put themselves on the ballot, even current board members seeking re-election,  by securing petition signatures of other members. Abolish the planned board-controlled "nominating committee" which is intended to allow only those approved by the board to run.

The next MCRGO Board elections need to be conducted by having all sealed ballots sent directly to an outside firm not connected to the BOD or NRA. The Bambery Law Firm would be sufficient. NO MCRGO BOD member or employee should be allowed to touch the ballots at any time during the
tabulation process and the results should be announced by the tabulating firm.Additionally, all ballots must be saved for review by interested parties.

True disclosure as to number of members. MCRGO currently claims a "membership" of 35,000 people. This is false and misleading and it is derived from counting the total number of members in all gun clubs that are in any way affiliated with MCRGO even though the majority of those members are NOT MCRGO members and MCRGO has no means of contacting those club members. MCRGO must use the actual membership figure, not the falsely inflated one, as our credibility hingest on our intergrtiy and honesty.

Chuck Perricone (New Era Consulting) must be discharged at once.  Chuck Perricone has been caught using his position at MCRGO to benefit his friends from his days in the legislature. He was responsible for MCRGO's endorsing Clark Bisbee, an anti-gunner who fought MCRGO on almost every bill. He also pulled MCRGO support away from pro-gun candidates Patty Birkholz and Jonathan Grant and engineered the endorsement of Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver even though she voted against MCRGO in our lawsuit to keep the CCW law in place. His ethical breaches also include making false statements about his involvement in and support for MCRGO prior to his last term in public office. He cannot be trusted and his actions and false statements have hurt MCRGO and lessened our credibility.

No funds for MCRGO's BOD vacation.  MCRGO's BOD is planning a "retreat" at a northern resort, ostensibly  for the purpose of discussing how better to manage MCRGO. As there is no reason that they cannot hold this meeting at any hotel conference room in the Lansing area, they should not be allowed to spend any member funds on this retreat. Also, if Perricone's consulting firm pays this cost, MCRGO should not reimburse him when he submits an invoice for it, as he is known to do.

No funds shall be paid to Chuck Perricone's consulting firm over and above what he has already been paid. It has been alleged that he is spending large amounts of money on projects then billing MCRGO. It is not known if this is true at this time but there need to be safeguards in place to prevent this from occurring. All expenses paid to Perricone's firm need to be itemized and disclosed to the membeship along with the regular financial reports.

Publication of the Minutes of the Board Meetings in the members-only section of the website/message board. End the secrecy and backroom dealings that seem to be de riggeur for MCRGO today.