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Failures Under the BODs "New Direction"
Message Boards Open to All

When MCRGO's website was redesigned in 1999 a message board was added. The statement that it was open to all of the public to participate. Many of you found MCRGO and became active in MCRGO because of that message board. The message board was something that we could use against the anti-gun organization because they did not allow open discussion on their sites. A few tried it but the sites were 100% moderated and only posts they agreed with would be posted.

Under the "new direction" MCRGO all open registration has been closed. Initially the BOD demanded a 100% moderated message board, just like the anti-gun groups have. But when the members complained the Board scrapped that idea. Instead they closed the message boards so no one else could register and they banned everyone who questioned the Board. They have since created several private lists that are for members only. This was to allow discussion of MCRGO business. But the Board does not allow that there either. Instead they privately email nasty messages to users who dare question them. The Board of Directors has turned MCRGO prized message boards into that comparable to the anti-gun organization which they so much despise. All of the Board of Directors intentionally turned off the tool that generated countless new memberships and activists. The Board members have adopted the same policy as the anti-gunners and that just isn't right.

The Annual Bridge Walk
From the beginning of MCRGO the annual bridge walk has been an event where MCRGO board members, officers, and activists would go to meet legislators and promote the organization. The 2001 bridge walk under the direction of Ross Dykman, who was famous for pushing people to do and give more even when they thought they couldn't, had a record turn out of over 60 people.

Under the "new direction" MCRGO had only 1 Board member show up. This means that MCRGO WAS NOT represented to the public, legislators, and candidates. This is a colossal failure on the part of the Board of Directors. They have failed to lead MCRGO through the most routine of events.

Oakland County Public Meeting
Before the "New Direction" public meetings were always packed. Ross Dykman was known for pulling people off the streets just to fill the chairs so as to not disappoint the guest speakers with a low turnout.

Under the "new direction" the last Oakland County meeting had an awesome guest list, including the Lt. Governor and candidates for US and state positions. With a guest list like this a large hall was reserved able to seat 400 people. Again the BOD failed the members and they failed the legislators. Only 60 MCRGO members show up and most of those were not even from Oakland county. Oakland county has over 1,200 MCRGO members. A comment heard from one of the legislators was that there were more guests than there were MCRGO members. With only 60 people in a room that seats 400, the lack of attendance was very noticeable. The Board of Directors fired Ross and claimed they would take over his duties. They have not. All the Board members failed in their duties and disgraced MCRGO in front of the most important people, the legislators!

Who is Chuck Perricone and New Era Consulting?
And who IS Chuck Perricone anyway? He's a former legislator who claimed to have many influential ties to the legislature and other lobbying groups. But according to Neva LaRue, MCRGO's Thumb area Chapter Chair, " Perricone burned bridges on his way out, has not been seen around Lansing since he was term-limited out, and may not have any favors left to call in....."

But he managed to talk the BOD into hiring him without any sort of search process to see if there might be better candidates available. No one else was even considered for the job, the membership was never informed that this job existed until after the contract was signed and that's not right.

Election Endorsements
MCRGO has a PAC committee to go over the endorsements of legislators. In the past this has consisted of one MCRGO officer, one Democrat legislator, and one Republican legislator. This was done to ensure equality between the parties and to show that MCRGO was indeed bipartisan.

This year under the "New Direction" the legislators were replaced by David Felbeck, President, and Chuck Perricone. Chuck Perricone is the former Republican Speaker of the House and is paid to be the consultant for MCRGO. Having the paid consultant, who answers to the President, on a committee with the President is a conflict of interest. This change was approved by all the Board members.

The endorsements that came out this year were nothing like they were before. To begin with one of the candidates that MCRGO initially endorsed was a candidate who voted AGAINST the new CCW law. In 2000 he was listed as public enemy number one, a Republican who could not be trusted. But somehow his endorsement passed the PAC committee and the entire Board of Directors! They claim this was a mistake and that they needed to check his record. It is very obvious that the PAC committee and the all the other Board members did no work in researching their endorsements. Mistakes happen, but a mistake that goes against the entire purpose of the organization committed by all of the Board members IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! All the Board members failed every single member, every single gun owner, and everyone who has ever been in a self defense situation by this "mistake" for which there is no excuse if they had done even the smallest amount of research into the endorsements.

Besides an anti-CCW legislator getting an endorsement several pro-gun legislators who have supported MCRGO for years did not receive endorsements! Click here to read more about the Bad Endorsements.