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History of What The BOD Has Done

Of the current 9 BOD members did you know that only 3 were elected? The other 6 were appointed. They were appointed internally by the other BOD members without ever announcing such vacancies to the general membership. They had a short list of people who agreed with their views and those were the people who were appointed to the Board.

Did you also know that in 2002, the 3 remaining BOD members were elected by being railroaded through? During the elections for the Board the existing BOD members were offered to the membership as a single slate, a single yes/no vote. There was no discussion, there were no alternatives, just the question, do you want to reelect all the existing board members, yes or no.

At that time there were 6 BOD members being re-elected and 3 open positions. The candidates for the three remaining positions were required to stand in front of the audience and the annual meeting and make a speech. The ballots were cast and taken into a back room by the existing board members. It is rumored that they fixed the election in order to keep a St. Clair chapter officer from being elected to the Board.

Many Directors have come and gone since then but not one of the open positions was announced to the general membership.  The membership was never polled to see what type of person they wanted on the board.  The membership was ignored by the BOD and they internally appointed their own favorite people to the Board.

The annual year, 2001 to 2002 saw major changes and accomplishments in Michigan gun rights. During that time Ross Dykman was the Executive Director of MCRGO. He was responsible for the daily functioning of the organization. From putting on public meetings, meeting with the legislators, to pushing chapter chairs to do even more. In addition to being the Executive Director Ross Dykman was also an attorney.  He was constantly battling with cities and gun boards that thought they could make up their own rules. During this time MCRGO saw great gains. The new CCW law went into effect, almost all the gun boards were kept in check, MCRGO doubled it's membership, and brought in over $300,000.

July was two months before the primaries and the BOD decided that despite all the great gains under the director of Ross Dykman that MCRGO was headed in the wrong direction. So they fired him! This was not because Ross Dykman was not doing a good job but because Ross was the go to person for everyone. The news media, the legislators, the chapter chairs, and activists. The BOD received no credit and they desperately wanted the public name recognition.

With Ross out of the way, they appointed their own David Felbeck as President. A man who just one year earlier claimed he wasn't a people person and never wanted an up front public roll.  But after the law was passed and all sorts of media attention became available he suddenly wanted to be in front of the cameras.

Next they hired a start up consulting company owned by a former Republican Speaker of the House. He was to guide MCRGO with it's policies and decisions. As you are well aware MCRGO is supposed to be a bipartisan organization. Hiring a hard core Republican who has made enemies with many of the legislators from the other party is not the way for a bipartisan organization to win friends.

With their "new direction" in place, David Felbeck said they were ready for great things.  Read Failures to see what "great things" came of the "new direction".